English Hymns (EN)

Almost together with the release of version 4.1, we also introduce English Hymns to the list of books that can be downloaded from the Songs section of the app.

Now, especially for Quick Bible users, you will find the Songs section more useful than before. Not only we have Indonesian song books, but now some other books like Polish, Pohnpenian, etc. Soon you will be able to create your own song books and submit them for publishing.

This song book is quite special — it contains more than 6000 songs in one download! Moreover, almost all of them has a MIDI file attached, so you can hear the tune.

The English Hymns is compiled and collected by Cyber Hymnal, with its current website at http://www.hymntime.com/tch.

All songs also have an associated verse that indicates the verse upon which the song is based. You can click on the verse link to see the contents.

Before we end this post, we would also like to introduce the web version of the songs: http://www.bibleforandroid.com/songs. This contains the latest updates to the songs. As usual, please click the Kirim perbaikan (Send correction — oops we forgot to translate this) link at the end of each song if you find any mistakes!

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