Progress (Jejak): mark your Bible reading progress!

A new feature has been added, progress. A progress allows you to put a mark at the last verse you read.

So what is the difference between a progress and a bookmark? You are not allowed to move a bookmark, so when you put a bookmark in a verse, you can only edit or delete it. But with a progress, you can move it wherever you want. So a progress has the same function as a bookmark in your real life when you read a book, while a bookmark is like a sticky note. So if you have a reading plan or if you read the Bible sequentially, you can use this progress to mark the verse that you read.

Some people read the Bible book by book, chapter by chapter. They want to read the whole Bible, but the problem is, they sometime forget the verse or chapter they read last time, especially when they read Psalm, where all chapters look the same. If you read a book, you can insert a bookmark. But when you read the Bible in your mobile, how do you put a note at the last verse that you read? In the “Alkitab” application, you can add a bookmark, but you need to delete it and add it again after you finish your Bible reading.

If you have a reading plan, let’s say you start from Genesis and you now want to use a progress, how do you use it?
The bible has 5 built in progresses you can use. They have 5 different colors and 5 default names (I will show you how to edit the name later). To start use it, you have to select single verse and select the progress.

After you select your progress, you can see that the verse now has a small icon (it looks like Google Map location icon).

As I mentioned earlier, you can save up to 5 progresses. You can see all the progresses from the menu and click “View progress”.

In this menu, you can see all your progresses and also the time when you use it. If you forget the last verse that you read, this is the best place you can find it. Clicking on the progress will quickly jump to the verse. Long click the progress will allow you to rename the progress or delete the progress. If you have two reading plans, one Old Testament and one New Testament, you can rename the progress by tap the progress and hold it for a second. It will prompt you option to rename or delete. If you select rename,

You can delete a progress, but you can only delete the referenced verse, not the progress itself. So deleting the progress is only revert it to an empty progress with its default name.

You can add multiple progresses at one verse, and you can add another bookmark and notes if you want. All of them will be displayed next to the verse.

You can tap the icon to show you the progress name, the verse address and the time you move it to this location.

Next day, when you continue your reading plan and finished Genesis chapter 1, you will need to select the last verse that you read and select the same progress, and it will be moved to the selected verse.
So now you have no excuse not to read the whole Bible. But what if you say you forget what books you have read all this time? Well, for now this feature does not provide you the history, so use a piece of paper and write them there.

2 thoughts on “Progress (Jejak): mark your Bible reading progress!

  1. Terimakasih, atas segala jerih payahnya. Saya jadi rajin baca alkitab, karena mudah di akses.
    Hanya Yesus yang bisa membalas jasa jasa anda semua.

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