Last 1.* release before developing for 2.* (1.9.12)

Originally the main feature of version 2.0 will be support for PDB files. This was pushed back to 1.9.* because I was afraid it would cause many problems because of the dynamic nature of the input. Previously the Bible text data were always internal, checked for consistency and with a fixed number of books, chapters and verses. By allowing users to open PDB files, the number of books, chapters, and verses may vary from versions to versions. It ended up that quite a lot of crashes being reported by users that could be fixed (of course not all) little by little.

English Standard Version, with italics

Other planned features for 2.x are:

  • Bookmark organization. Probably will use tags instead of folders (essentially, exclusive tags).
  • Bookmark screen to include Bookmarks, Annotations, and Highlights.
  • Search bookmarks and annotations.
  • Sort bookmarks and annotations.
  • Full screen view (press menu to navigate).
  • Option to change red text color.

Unsure features:

  • Multi-select verses for copy and share.
  • Temporary-highlighting selected verse (for example after navigating or clicking on parallel verses).
I’m still not sure what’s the best way for the bookmark screen. Please leave any comments about this or any other things 🙂 Thanks!

7 thoughts on “Last 1.* release before developing for 2.* (1.9.12)

  1. I am looking forward to being able to copy multiple. Verses and I hope it will maintain format. My other program has multiple capacity but loses format.

    Love the Bible and appreciate your effort.


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