Future plans

This is subject to change: and this post will be updated if necessary. Please feel free to comment below.
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Future plans (updated 2011-01-14):

  • Search whole phrase e.g. +”ada di” instead of either +ada or “ada di”
  • Support for converting .pdb format to .yes format — Thanks Yohanes Nugroho for the code to read .pdb format!
  • Lock orientation
Further plans:
  • Multiple verse selection

7 thoughts on “Future plans

  1. Good job brother!
    Hey, about the future plans of adding some other translation, would you mind working together with Yohanes Nugroho, he made the Symbian bible (s60 Bible), and he is planning to make in android platform.
    I thought that instead of making another one, why dont we collaborate?

    Tell me what do you think brother?

  2. Hi Ericko,

    Yes, of course I will be happy to work with him. I'm a user of his Symbian Bible program for about 6 years.

    How do you know that he is working on that?

  3. @Anonymous, thanks for your suggestion. Can you continue your suggestion? After long-press and the whole list of books is shown, then?

  4. @ Yuku, Cause I talked to him and asked him about making android bible just the way symbian bible does. But then He talked to me about your bible and had the idea of collaboration..
    I think He's already contacted you, hasn't he?
    So, whats the plan then? Is there anything I can help? I have ALL the .pdb (S60 bible format) in most English popular translation, also 2 other versions of Indo bible (Terjemahan Lama and Firman Allah Yang Hidup), let me know if you need them.


  5. @Post 3&4:
    Current: Button press, display book, chapter and verse selectors. Then, Click the book chooser to choose a book.

    Suggestion: Button press (or long press) -> DIRECTLY display the whole list of books (if possible show the list in 2 columns old and new testaments), and then select chapter and verse.(basically, save a click :P)

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