Bible Text is Shown (0.2)

Finally we have some Bible text displayed on screen. The text was taken from site, where unformatted (plain-text) Bible data are available for download.

Bible text of Genesis 1

The controls are very limited: left and right buttons to change chapters; select menu -> Book to change the book, and select menu -> Go To to change the chapter and verse number.

What was interesting about the text display is that it is a single TextView, with some formatting using the setSpan calls on a SpannedStringBuilder object. Actually I wanted to have the verses appear not in a new line every verse, but continually to the right of the previous verse. However, on some chapters, the text entirely disappears! After some frustation, it is that the TextView cannot handle a very long line.

Start-up time is very long, why…? It takes about 5 seconds on the emulator (I do not have any Android device).

Anyway, this is when I select menu -> Book to select the book to display:

Book selector. The number is the chapters available.

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