The Beginning

I am seeing the potential of devices running Android OS will be more and more. I have some friends who have Android phones (mostly HTC) and I feel like having it too. My current phone, Nokia 3250, has accompanied me for more than 3 years, and I am satisfied, except for that it is really hard to program a software for Symbian S60 devices.

While I explore the development process for Android, I was enlightened that Android development seems much easier than Symbian. It uses the Java (“language”), and the SDK seems so modern that it just makes sense. During the course I learned about Activities (as opposed to processes) that more practically define what applications are “running”, among other things.

From my friends I know that the Holy Bible in Indonesian language is not existant. I think it would be beneficial for me and for the others if I start to develop the Bible application for Android containing the Indonesian text. One of my friend showed an Indonesian Bible application he develops, and that motivated me to do the same thing, lest he ceased the development. (He really stopped the development, so I more confidently continue my development).

And here is an unversioned, unreleased experimental Bible app that I develop:

Supposed to be the main screen where the Bible text is displayed
The screen to input the chapter and the verse number (no book selection!)

Surprisingly, the interface of inputting the chapter and verse number coincidentally is very similar to my friend har‘s application for iPhone! We didn’t discuss and I didn’t see the iPhone app beforehand.

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