4.4 and 4.5: Updates after we did not update the app for so long

Dear Bible for Android app users,

I apologize that there has been no updates to this blog for over 2 years. Not only this blog, but also the apps are not frequently updated.

I have to admit that I did not maintain the app as diligently as before. I do not think the existence of the app is as important as 4-5 years ago. In the past, YouVersion, the most popular Bible app on Android, in my opinion, was not good enough because it is slow and crashes quite frequently. It also didn’t provide offline functionality for reading the Bible, which was very necessary in my home country back then. Now, YouVersion is much better.

But I still think that this Bible for Android project is important. This is the Bible app that allows you to read the Bible without much distractions, zero pop-ups and advertisements, except for the less-than-once-a-year notification that appears on your status bar (not even a pop-up). The reason is that I wanted to create a Bible app that allows you to read the Bible without distractions. Taking your attention from the word of God to something else is a thing that I consider wrong.

I still feel that this project is not yet done because there are still a few things that could have been done, mainly:

  • Playing audio Bibles
  • Interlinear, as in showing the original language together with the translation phrase-by-phrase
  • Strong’s number
And also, since the project is open-source, I wish I could make the project easier to adopt and modify. I am very thankful to God that the code has been used by another project, KJV Study Bible with 500K+ downloads, albeit a lot of advertisements. There is also Mizo Go Bible with 50K+ downloads. I hope people read the Bible more because of those apps.
Since version 4.4, the Bible and font files are not stored in the device’s shared storage ‘bible/yes’ or ‘bible/fonts’ folders. They are moved to the app’s internal storage to prevent other apps from messing up with the files, e.g. Clean Master and whatever cleaner that is supposed to clean unwanted files but also deletes your Bible files.
Since version 4.5, we trimmed the list of versions that is downloadable from the version list screen. It is because, other than the problem of maintaining it, also the problem of people and organizations claiming that they have the right to claim as the owner a derived version of the Word of God by means of “copyright issues” etc.

You can still download Quick Bible from the GitHub releases page.

11 thoughts on “4.4 and 4.5: Updates after we did not update the app for so long

  1. There is no Bible app that comes close to yours. I was curious what happened today because I got a new phone and couldn't find Quick Bible on the Play Store. It's good to know the project isn't dead! Thank you for all the work you put into this!

  2. Sir, your work is marvellous. EsoecialkE the split screen, copy paste, other languages are good

  3. Hi, I just had to do a factory reset on my phone, and realised the NRSV and Greek (Nestle Aland text) are no longer available. Is there any way I can find the .yes files for these? I've just spent an hour trying to find another app that can display and compare languages as conveniently as yours for serious bible study, but I can't find one, even if I wanted to pay! I also regularly use Indonesian (TB and Shellabear 2010) and I'm glad they are still there. Thank you.

  4. And all the Romanian versions.

    I had to reset my phone this week and when I reinstalled the app I saw that instead of a lot of Romanian translations (as I had on my phone) there is only one (VDC). I also used NTR, GBV and BFL.

    Please put them on again.

  5. Dear brother, we praise God and thank you for your industrious effort to make this happen.

    I use Tamil Bible. But I was a little disappointed that the original Tamil translation was replaced my the modem translation.

    It would be really great if you could add the original Bible translation as well.

    I love your app for a few reasons:

    Very good UI/UX
    *Best search option*

    A frequent user

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