Bible Daily Verse App Widget

When a Christian read a quote from the Bible in a book or on TV or even at a tombstone, usually the object will immediately catch his attention. It is not only because he read it before, but I believe the Word of God reminds him about his conviction deep inside his heart. That’s why many Christians put a plaque or picture with a quote from the Bible in their houses. That’s why many Christians want to have a quote from the Bible in their mobile phone to remind them about their faith. The new Android bible app widget does just that.

The app widget brings to your home screen a new quote from the Bible everyday. At the midnight it is scheduled to display a new quote. The quotes itself has already been selected by the developers not randomly selected from the Bible, to ensure that the verse displayed in the widget is not cut in the middle of the sentence.

When you bring the app widget for the first time, a configuration screen will be displayed where you can customize the app widget.

In this screen you may configure the version of the Bible. It depends on the active versions you have in the application. You can also adjust the text size in the widget from the seek bar. Lastly, if you already have a pretty wallpaper and do not want the app widget background to block your wallpaper, you may want to turn on transparent background option and select dark text if your wallpaper is dominantly white or uncheck the dark text option if your wallpaper is dark.
After you’re done with the configuration, an app widget will be displayed in your home screen.

With a transparent background it will look like this:

In this app widget, you can navigate to the next or previous verses (in case you already remember that verse or you are curious about the next verse). And the most important thing is you can click the verse and it will open the Bible for you at the verse you see in the widget.

We hope that this feature will help you to remember about the Word of God and bring joy to your busy day.

Troubleshooting: If you do not see this Bible app widget on the widget list, make sure you install this Bible app on your phone or tablet’s internal memory, not on removable SD Card. Android does not support showing widgets from apps in removable SD Card. Go to system settings > Apps > select Alkitab or Quick Bible, and then click “Move to phone” to move it.

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