1.0 Release

8 months after the first development, finally 1.0 is released!

New features and many clean ups from the previous version is here:

  • Indentations for Psalms
  • Neater verse display, with regular line spacing
  • Can keep screen on when reading
  • New search engine without pre-indexing
  • Move to different books when going prev/next chapters
  • Share verses via SMS, Email, etc according to installed apps
  • Annotations to verses
  • Bookmarks can have editable titles
  • Customizable colors with color themes or free choice
  • Font size can be more freely set with real preview
  • Small title bar for chapter address
  • Searching can be narrowed down to OT/NT
  • Much neater scrolling using up/down buttons
  • High-resolution icons for hdpi devices
  • Correction to many typos in the Bible text – available for request
  • Status message when downloading devotions
  • Renungan Harian devotion now has clickable verse addresses
  • Go To screen made fit for small screens
  • New graphics for left/right buttons
All the glory is for God alone! 
Soli Deo Gloria
Download it from the Android Market by searching “Alkitab” or scanning the QR code below:
http://market.android.com/search?q=bible+yuku (openable on devices only)

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