Preparing for 0.6 from user feedbacks

I received many feedbacks from both the program interface and my friends when I see them operating the program. There are several things that I learned.

The Go To interface for navigating is too small for fingers! I didn’t know this until I really try it on a device. This is the first time I learned that touch screens needed some special handling. So here is the improved version of the Go To screen. The finger now can touch the chapter and verse numbers easily.

Bigger buttons everywhere!

Then, I changed the text display from a single TextView to ListView items. Surprisingly it is much, much faster to load a new chapter, because only items visible need to be rendered.

Almost useless about screen. The number after the version is the internal versionCode.

A new thing in this version is the brightness of the text that can be selected on Settings. I used this as the basis. Thanks for sharing the code.

Text brightness in percentage of maximum

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