Version 2.0.0 released!

A major update to the Bible application has been released (soon the English version)!

A common problem that was encountered when a new user uses the application, is that they accidentally open the verse menu (context menu containing Add bookmark, Write notes, Highlight etc.) because they lay down their finger too long on the verses.
Finally I stopped using this method in order to open the verse menu. Instead, tap (just a normal tap, not long-press) a verse or several verses then there will be a button that fades in (I hope the animation makes users notice there is a button showing) on the bottom-right corner. Press that button to open the verse menu. See the following screen:
A bit more troublesome, but I hope that is compensated by the fact that we can now select multiple verses!
Multiple verse selection work as follows:
  • Copy and Share, will collect all the selected verses and concatenate it together.
  • Add bookmark, will only assign the bookmark to the first selected verse. Anyway this is a bookmark, it does what real bookmark does.
  • Write note, unfortunately the note will also be assigned to the first selected verse. It’s quite complicated to enable assigning multiple verses for a note.
  • Highlight, will highlight all the selected verses with the selected color.
Another new major feature is bookmark labeling! Now you can assign one or more labels to your bookmarks. Labels are your way to organize your bookmarks. You can name your label salvation, faith, to memorize, learning, and so on.
Then, when you open the Bookmarks screen (press MENU and select Bookmarks), you will see a new screen. 
Different from previous version where you can see bookmarks only, now you can access all your notes and your highlights from this screen. You can also select bookmarks having specific labels from that screen. To rename or delete labels, long-click on the label names below “Unlabeled bookmarks”.
You can also search your bookmarks, notes, and highlights:
And 6 new colors for highlight!
I hope you enjoy the new version, and please keep giving feedbacks!