Batak Toba version (Indonesian 1.4.2)

Another kind guy Toga J. Siahaan requested me to include the Batak Toba version in the Bible app (for this case, this will only be in the Indonesian version.) He kindly gave me the format that I asked, unexpectedly. I was very happy with his dedication. So I cannot wait any longer to release the Batak Toba version of the Bible, available as an add-on on the Indonesian Bible. (by the way, Alkitab (Indonesian Bible) has also an English interface, if you need it).

Here is the Bible in Batak Toba. The first five books are named 1-5 Musa (Moses).

A lot of Indonesian corrections (1.4.1)

A kind guy called Hendra Sentono emailed me his collection of Bible text errors that are found in the Indonesian Terjemahan Baru version. The list consisted of about 30 items, and it has now been applied to the latest Indonesian version, 1.4.1. Update it from the Android Market as usual!

(I will definitely release the source text into the public, just not yet. In any case, just email me if you want the source text for use in your application.)

The KJV add-on version has also been updated with red text =)

Note for KJV add-on users prior to version 1.4.1: If you want to have red letters in KJV, you will need to manually delete this file on the SD Card: bible/yes/kjv.yes. Restart the Bible app and you will be asked to download the KJV add-on again when you select KJV from the Versions menu.